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BLOCKSIZE empowers financial market participants to transform their business and provide bank-grade solutions for market data, issuance, trading, staking and managing digital assets.

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BLOCKSIZE Strongly Beliefs in Blockchains as Enabler for New Markets

The new wave of innovation in finance will focus on digital assets and electronic securities. In the near future, all kinds of assets will be issued natively on blockchains or represented in a tokenized format. BLOCKSIZE data, consulting and software services enable new market entrances and traditional players to overcome entry-barriers to these new business opportunities. Simply put: Passion to enable

BLOCKSIZE enables financial institutions by providing cutting-edge technology to embrace the transformation of digital capital markets. The solutions include enterprise-grade, compliant solutions for market data and managing digital assets across the lifecycle.

With outstanding know-how in blockchain technology, BLOCKSIZE enables its clients to transform their businesses. The advisory solutions have a track record in enabling clients to solve complex technical challenges and bridge the gap to legacy infrastructure. Leveraging emerging regulatory opportunities in digital assets and electronic securities.

BLOCKSIZE is headquartered in Germany. Transferring German excellence in engineering, compliance, and stability to users worldwide – by ensuring the solutions work in the markets relevant to the customers.

Solutions Overview

BLOCKSIZE is enabling clients to bridge the business models in traditional finance and digital asset finance with blockchain-related technologies. A wide array of solutions can be used by financial institutions to easily enter the market for digital assets and on-chain market data.

Data Solutions:

Trading Solutions:

Solution Partners:

  • MICOBO (infrastructure for the tokenization of assets)
  • DIGITAL CASH (1:1 fiat backed euro stablecoin)

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Good Reasons for BLOCKSIZE

  1. BLOCKSIZE brings expertise.
    A team of financial market and market infrastructure experts understands the operating models within the traditional financial markets as well as the importance of regulation. These blockchain experts understand the power and reach of the new technologies.
  2. BLOCKSIZE reduces entry-barriers.
    Compliant solutions and advisory services help to leverage new and upcoming regulation. BLOCKSIZE enables its clients to evolve their business models into digital assets and electronic securities.
  3. BLOCKSIZE supports the full lifecycle.
    Supporting issuers, financial institutions, and institutional investors to get ahead of the competition. The market rata and platform as a service offerings support along the full value chain of traditional and digital financial markets.
  4. BLOCKSIZE empowers financial institutions with top-notch technology infrastructure and data.
    The existing business models of BLOCKSIZE clients depend on legacy infrastructure and their need for regulatory compliance. At the same time new opportunities arise from new technology and regulations. BLOCKSIZE enables clients to bridge their traditional business models into successful, higher margin digital assets electronic securities business models.
  5. BLOCKSIZE partners.
    Jointly with customers, BLOCKSIZE creates and enhances solutions and new business models. BLOCKSIZE believes in pooling of knowledge and collaboration with the client’s experts to enable new business models, efficiency gains and create new markets.
  6. BLOCKSIZE thinks outside of the box.
    Jointly with partners BLOCKSIZE strives to create new markets and new business models, where technology enables new ways of allocating capital and make assets fungible and accessible to new groups of end-clients.

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