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The node operations team provides the technical infrastructure to BLOCKSIZE products for allowing applications to read financial data from blockchains and to also put financial data “on-chain”. Currently BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS is operating IT infrastructure on two continents and is supporting five blockchains.

BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS - node operations outsourcing - blockchain node provider

Allowing Users to Access Blockchain Nodes

BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS - Node Operations

The BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS team is running blockchain nodes on protocols such as Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and Solana. Nodes on additional blockchain protocols are planned to be launched in the months to come.

BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS provides the internal technical infrastructure for allowing its own oracle node operations business and BLOCKSIZE ORACLE to publish financial data “on-chain”. Additionally, the nodes operated by BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS are used by BLOCKSIZE CONNECT to read data from blockchains for creating highly reliable and compliant crypto price feeds.

The growing list of oracle networks supported by BLOCKSIZE in 2023:

Chainlink: BLOCKSIZE is serving Chainlink nodes since 2019. Chainlink is by far the world’s biggest oracle network and comes with a variety of uses cases beyond just making data accessible to smart contracts.

SupraOracles: A new oracle network to launch. SupraOracles will be supported by BLOCKSIZE.

Pyth Network: A new oracle network to launch. Pyth Network will be supported by BLOCKSIZE.

A Growing Business

BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS is an integral part for successfully delivering blockchain-related products internally and externally.

Supporting DeFi

BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS is supporting smart contracts and DApps with highly reliable data to power decentralized finance.

Highly Experienced Team

The node operations team has many years of practical experiences working with blockchains and cloud infrastructure.

Your Oracle Experts

BLOCKSIZE is working with financial data and oracles since many years. Our banking and technology experts have decades of knowledge in dealing with aspects of business requirements towards sensitive and complaint processes. As an example, BLOCKSIZE is one of the most reliable node operators on the Chainlink network running infrastructure on different continents.

You can be rest assured that BLOCKSIZE can not only deliver the technology required for you to become successful on blockchains, but also to have the necessary experience in dealing with large financial institutions.

Powering the Chainlink Ecosystem

BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS is also responsible for running the Chainlink business of BLOCKSIZE. This means that financial market data is made available to Chainlink so that blockchain applications can read it. Chainlink is currently the de-facto standard for providing market data to blockchains.

Currently BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS is operating blockchain nodes on Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and Solana.

New Oracle Networks Coming Up

Innovation is also affecting oracle networks. As a result, competitors for Chainlink are preparing to launch their solutions during 2023.

BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS will continue to support upcoming oracle networks such as Pyth and SupraOracles.

Made for the Best

Created in collaboration with the best engineers from the oracles industry, BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS is providing professional users RPC access to blockchain nodes to read or write data.

BLOCKSIZE NODE OPS allows user an easy way to outsource the access and maintenance of blockchain nodes. Talk to BLOCKSIZE!

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