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BLOCKSIZE ORACLE provides data of your financial institution to smart contracts by creating and running oracles. Earn money from your existing data on blockchains and select from a wide array of features such as whitelisting, data encryption, compliance shield, and more.

BLOCKSIZE ORACLE - Oracle provider - Blockchain oracle outsourcing company

Outsource Your Oracle Operations


BLOCKSIZE ORACLE is a data service which provides financial institutions a way to monetize their existing data to the growing blockchain community. BLOCKSIZE will create, publish, and maintain your data oracle – while you have full control over what kind of data you want to sell.

You can now easily become a data publisher on many blockchains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon. Optional add-ons of BLOCKSIZE ORACLE:

Whitelisting: Only smart contract developers who ran through the BLOCKSIZE KYC process are allowed to process your valuable data.

Know your transaction: Every request to your oracle can be processed in a compliance check to rate it for identifying high-risk activity.

Data encryption: Data delivered on-chain can optionally be encrypted in order that only users can read it who have the corresponding data decryption functionality.

Compliance shield: On-chain data provisioning is compensated in native LINK tokens per blockchain into a wallet. BLOCKSIZE will collect the tokens earned and convert it into euros via its own bank. The contractual relationship with the customer will be settled in a fiat currency of the customer’s choice and provided to via standard bank transfer. The customer therefore does not have to maintain wallets, access to DeFi markets and address challenges in accounting and taxes related to tokens. The customer will be contracting directly with BLOCKSIZE and thus shield the customer from additional complexities.

Financial reporting: Any token income generated from your oracle needs to be ready for a trusted price valuation in dollars, euros, or and other fiat currency. By connecting your income to BLOCKSIZE CONNECT price feeds you can ensure that your token income reporting is meeting ie taxation requirements.

No-Brainer for You

You can publish your own data on blockchains within a short period of time using your own oracle powered by BLOCKSIZE.

Compliant to Regulation

Make sure that the delivery of financial data is meeting requirements of your organization and governements.

Highly Experienced Team

The oracle outsourcing service BLOCKSIZE provides is based on years of practical experiences working with blockchains.

Your Oracle Experts

BLOCKSIZE is working with financial data and oracles since many years. The BLOCKSIZE banking and technology experts have decades of knowledge in dealing with aspects of business requirements towards sensitive and complaint processes. As an example, BLOCKSIZE is one of the most reliable node operators on the Chainlink network running infrastructure on different continents.

You can be rest assured that BLOCKSIZE can not only deliver the technology required for you to become successful on blockchains, but also to have the necessary experience in dealing with large financial institutions.

Service Beyond Just Data

The process of creating your blockchain oracle (network) can take from weeks to months. Once your data is technically accessible, the actual work is yet to start: Smart contracts and DApps need to consume your data.

BLOCKSIZE is making sure that your data classes will be promoted to a growing community of developers. As part of this process, we will educate the developer community about the type of your data and how to use it.

Powerful Add-Ons

There are a number of optional features available which can make sure that a financial institution is actually allowed to provide data to blockchains.

These add-ons can identify smart contracts developers (KYC), identify end users (KYT), encrypt your data on-chain, convert your crypto token income to dollars, provide a financial reporting based on compliant valuation of your income, and more.

Made for the Best

Created in collaboration with the best engineers from the oracles industry, BLOCKSIZE ORACLE is available to customers from all over the world who want to monetize their existing (off-chain) API data to smart contracts (on-chain).

BLOCKSIZE ORACLE is an easy way to outsource the design, programming, and maintenance of your financial data. Start to earn now!

Learn more about BLOCKSIZE ORACLE

Understand the challenges of running your own blockchain oracle as well as how data providers can solve the business and regulatory requirements.

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