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Blocksize Capital New Release: The Quant SDK

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We are thrilled to announce our new trading solution release: The Quant SDK. Institutional investors can take advantage of the potential profits in the crypto market with the best tool for quantitative trading.  

With relentless ambition, Blocksize Capital works to deliver the best trading tools for asset managers interested in Digital Assets. With the Quant SDK, Blocksize Capital is offering a sophisticated trading tool for scientific traders. Data scientist and quantitative traders can implement their trading strategies through our robust and low latency infrastructure.  

Due to evolving market needs, Blocksize Capital is rolling out new updates to flagship its trading infrastructure. According to the findings of Fidelity Institutional Digital Asset Survey, there is a growing appetite for alternative investments amid the pandemic impact, unprecedented quantitative easing as well as other central bank measures. Asset managers are taking the leap towards consolidated alternative markets, like crypto, to access diverse sources of return. 

With the Quant SDK, portfolio managers can implement their trading strategies leveraging our cutting-edge infrastructure. Quant-algorithmic trading techniques are leading a growing number of professional crypto fund managers into clear success. Institutional traders can retrieve a vast amount of information through analyzing digital asset datasets – particularly when taking on-chain metrics into account (e.g. transaction values, miner fees). These metrics can be used by quantitative funds to garner some element of predictability rather than relying on technical price data alone. 

To convert these trading strategies into systematic trading algorithms, asset managers require the infrastructure necessary to automate the whole process. Responding to this and following the market pulse, Blocksize Capital has developed a trading tool allowing institutional quantitative traders and data scientists to gain the ability to automate their trading strategies.  

Available as an open-source Python-wrapper, the Quant SDK enables data scientists and quantitative traders to seamlessly access Blocksize Core™ benefits. The Quant SDK is a multi-threaded Python interface which enables trade execution on individual/multiple exchanges as well as the retrieval of current/historic market data.

If you are interested in learning more about this solution, register for our next webinar. Chris Mintern, our Quant Trader, will conduct a live demonstration illustrating the trading functionalities that our Quant SDK offers.

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