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Data Solution Partners

The listed solutions partners of BLOCKSIZE offer complementary products and services in regards to digital assets, market data, and blockchain technology solutions.

BCC Group: Streaming Real-Time Financial Data

BCC Group is a software house specialized in the development and delivery of high-quality software solutions for the financial industry. For nearly two decades the BCC Group has been supporting customers in the area of market data technology, market data processes, calculation engineering, applications integration, and spreadsheet technology.

BCC Group’s core competence is the development of solutions based on financial market data feeds (Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Morningstar, ICE, etc.). This includes full Excel Integration for publishing and subscribing to market data.

More details are available directly from the BCC Group:

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Y8: Asset Price Predictions

In digitized markets traders and risk managers get overrun by data today. The nature of capital markets is determined by ups and downs and geopolitical effects and investor sentiments constantly influence prices. A solution to these challenges can be price predictions offered by the prediction provider Y8.

Financial data is difficult to predict. However, Y8 managed to create a software trying to solve that problem. The Y8 suite can create short-term asset price predictions for many digitally traded assets such as stocks & cryptocurrencies. Based on artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated models, any market data source can be connected to Y8’s AI-driven forecasting algorithms.

Y8 now has partnered with BLOCKSIZE to deliver crypto price predictions for bitcoin and ether based on market data sourced from BLOCKSIZE CONNECT. As a result, users of Y8 can get a crypto asset forecast which was not available before.

More details are available directly from Y8:

Verity Tracking: Carbon Intensity Scoring & Tracking

Verity Tracking is the world’s first blockchain-powered Carbon Platform as a Service (C-PaaS) and is at the forefront of creating the ability to track, verify, and empirically value carbon intensity across the full carbon lifecycle. 

Verity Tracking takes a first of its kind, business systems approach focused on the MRV-V (Measurement, Reporting, Verification and Value) of carbon intensity and generate financial, operational, and qualitative gains across the full carbon lifecycle by creating the ability to differentiate both the digital carbon assets, and the underlying commodity value across growers, producers and consumers.

More details are available directly from Verity Tracking:

Digital Cash: A Money-Backed Euro Stablecoin

Digital Cash is a specialised issuer of physically backed token for the crypto ecosystem offering its token in partnership with the most reputable and comprehensive providers of industry-leading internet, banking and security services worldwide.

The Digital Cash GmbH was founded in 2021 in Frankfurt by a group of C-Level executives from banking, security and tech. Embracing the new ecosystem the founders saw that many business models are lacking sustainability and that it needs a more trustful token to unlock the full value of blockchain technology.

More details are available directly from Digital Cash:

micobo: The Tokenization Experts

Capital markets are transforming to embrace digital assets and distributed ledger technologies. Tokenization is the key to all this innovation. Explore different use cases, discovering all the benefits of the micobo enterprise tokenization solution can bring to your industry and business branch.

Discover micobo’s end-to-end digital asset management platform to digitize financial products, assets, and transactions securely. micobo provides a new way of investor engagement and compliant digital investment offerings.

More details are available directly from micobo: