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FAQs on Data Solutions

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions relating to crypto asset data, oracle operations, and blockchain services. Please reach out to us if you have unanswered questions.

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What are data solutions?

Data solutions is a business unit of BLOCKSIZE clustering products and services in relation to financial market data. BLOCKSIZE data solutions compromise of three items:


BLOCKSIZE CONNECT provides compliant crypto asset prices for professional market players. Users get access to real-time prices or daily closing prices.

What do you mean by crypto feeds being compliant?

Crypto price feeds are usually not precise. Any data vendor has their very own methodology in place in order to calculate “correct” prices. The market data product BLOCKSIZE CONNECT only uses highly reliable CEXs (centralized exchanges) and DEXs (decentralized exchanges) for determining prices. BLOCKSIZE avoids smaller exchanges and those prone to wash trading. By doing so it managed to be very close to “correct” prices.

BLOCKSIZE CONNECT data comes with full price source transparency, a sophisticated outlier detection, and additional quality measures to ensure that its crypto price feeds are considered compliant. As a compliant market data product, BLOCKSIZE CONNECT is typically used by financial institutions who are invested in cryptocurrencies.

What is an oracle network and why are they important?

An oracle publishes “off-chain” data on a blockchain. An oracle alone has the single-source problem: it can fail. In order to avoid this situation, BLOCKSIZE is teaming up with additional node operators in order to provide a decentralized oracle network (DON) infrastructure to customers.

How can I get more insights into your data-related offerings?

The best is to reach out to BLOCKSIZE for a complementary presentation of the data solutions.

How long does it take to launch an oracle with the help of BLOCKSIZE?

The time period for launching a BLOCKSIZE ORACLE depends on the amount of add-ons requested by the customer. The process usually takes between four weeks and found months.