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BLOCKSIZE Now Supporting zkSync

BLOCKSIZE - zkSync - now supported on Chainlink

by Marketing Team

BLOCKSIZE is happy to announce that we’re now supporting the zkSync blockchain as part of our Chainlink node operations. This way users of the zkSync blockchain can now use market data provided by BLOCKSIZE on-chain.

zkSync is a layer-two blockchain for Ethereum using zk-rollups as scaling technology. This means hundreds of transactions are batched into one, which is verified and secured by Ethereum. One of the advantages of zkSync’s technology is the low gas fees on the L2 blockchain. Gas fees can be up to 100 times lower compared to Ethereum while still inheriting the ETH mainnet security. More details:


BLOCKSIZE enables financial institutions to embrace the transformation of digital asset markets through its market data, consulting, and software services. This way customers can overcome entry-barriers concerning blockchain solutions and safely act in digital asset markets. Offerings of BLOCKSIZE include:

  • Bank-grade crypto price feeds
  • Compliant staking infrastructure for banks inside their own data center
  • Nodes for several different blockchains and oracle networks
  • Custom designed oracles for financial data providers
  • Consultancy support using blockchain and financial experts

BLOCKSIZE is headquartered in Germany and brings German excellence in engineering, compliance, and stability to its customers. The BLOCKSIZE solutions work reliably and are compliant in financial markets. Website:  

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