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Helping financial institutions to succeed bridging traditional finance to blockchains.

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Your partner for building digital financial markets & Web 3.0 business models.


Seize opportunities in changing digital finance ecosystem with the BLOCKSIZE “IDEA” approach:

Identify new sustainable business opportunities and growth models leveraging DLT & DeFi

Define individual value driven blockchain business and technology strategies

Ensure competitiveness and compliance with changing laws and regulations

Advise on implementing best practices in a fast-evolving environment to ensure time-to-market

Baseline Knowledge

Value Driven Analysis

Tailormade Solutions

Joint Implementation Support

Identify Opportunities

  • New & upcoming regulations (MiCA, eWpG, WpIG,…)
  • Blockchain & Web 3.0 technology
  • Tokenisation & digital assets (electronic securities eWpG, security tokens, stablecoins, NFTs, …)
  • Exchanges, wallet & custody solutions
  • Regenerative Finance (e.g. Carbon trading)
  • DeFi, DAO, DEX
  • Crypto trading & settlement
  • Evolving ecosystem & competitive environment

Define Strategy

  • Individual impact analysis for existing business and operating models
  • Identify potential business opportunities, specific use cases & value creation
  • Define high-level strategy and business cases
  • Develop relevant DLT, DeFi, Web 3.0 & crypto business models & use cases

Ensure Success

  • Detailed business model and legal requirements
  • Define target operating model
  • Establish Proof of Concept
  • Validate client specific business case
  • Outline scope, initial planning, potential partners
  • Create timeline & milestones

Advise on Delivery

  • Build, buy and partner recommendations
  • Support vendor and partner selection
  • Technical project management & advisory
  • Development of scalable in-house and external blockchain solutions (PAAS or SAAS)
  • Go-Live support & quality assurance
  • Assess the project life cycle

experience that makes the difference

We are proud of our track record in creating new business opportunities jointly with our clients and partners. Out team has a long standing track record in traditional banking and market infrastructure and first mover experience in blockchain technology and new FinTech business models empowered by DLT, blockchain, Web 3.0 technology and emerging regulation.

Together with our clients, our highly experienced team, enables the transformation of traditional finance business models into the new digital finance ecosystem, leveraging newest technology and the new legal & regulatory environment.

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Burak Özgelen
Head of Consulting

Johann Focke

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