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BLOCKSIZE joins Finance Yard as a Premium Partner

by Marketing Team

Frankfurt, May 13, 2024: BLOCKSIZE joined Finance Yard, a dynamic ecosystem dedicated to the convergence of finance and emerging technologies. Together, Finance Yard and BLOCKSIZE aim to support ecosystem participants and clients in the financial services industry to innovate, collaborate and grow in the Digital Asset space.

BLOCKSIZE brings a proven track record in developing solutions for financial institutions, including tokenization, order routing, staking, and market data to Finance Yard. BLOCKSIZE today is offering high available MiCAR-ready crypto price feeds to e.g. banks, asset managers, hedge funds and custodians to be integrated in legacy systems. In addition, BLOCKSIZE is a leading node operator, providing on-chain market data through a variety of Decentralized Oracle Networks. BLOCKSIZE is operating high-available nodes in multiple blockchains and supports a variety of DeFi protocols and oracles . By joining forces with Finance Yard, BLOCKSIZE aims to leverage its proven expertise to further enhance the ecosystem’s offerings and drive transformative change within the finance services industry through innovation. BLOCKSIZE excels at building products and solutions to bridge Traditional Finance (TradFin) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), by providing access to leading edge, emerging technology.

Finance Yard provides a unique platform for stakeholders across finance, technology, regulation, and compliance to exchange expertise, collaborate, and co-create solutions that address the evolving needs of the industry. With BLOCKSIZE as Premium Partner, Finance Yard is poised to accelerate its mission of driving innovation, facilitating regulatory compliance, and shaping innovative solutions in the financial services industry.

“We are thrilled to join Finance Yard and contribute our expertise in blockchain technology to this vibrant ecosystem,” said Michael Wellenbeck, CSO at BLOCKSIZE. “By collaborating with like-minded innovators, we are confident that we can unlock new opportunities for other members of Finance Yard as well as for their end clients.”

As BLOCKSIZE collaborates with the Finance Yard community, stakeholders can anticipate a rise in collaborative initiatives and industry-shaping developments. This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving innovation and underscores Finance Yard’s position as a catalyst for change within the finance industry.

About BLOCKSIZE: BLOCKSIZE is a leading provider of digital asset solutions, empowering financial institutions with secure, MiCAR-compliant crypto price feeds and innovative DeFi solutions. Since 2019, BLOCKSIZE has been an active publisher of market data on decentralized oracle networks. Website:

About Finance Yard: Finance Yard is a pioneering ecosystem dedicated to bridging the gap between finance, emerging technologies, regulation, and compliance. Through collaboration and innovation, Finance Yard aims to drive transformative change within the financial services industry and actively shape the future of finance. Website:

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