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Proof of Sustainability on Blockchain / DLT

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The productive industries around the world are being called to make a switch in their production-chains, processes and business structures aiming to achieve a sustainable future. Under the pressing times, we live in, there is a need for innovative ideas to overcome the challenges arising. Accordingly, the market demand for these solutions is increasing thanks to the consciousness of the global consumers.

New generations highly value the offer of innovative alternatives that ensure sustainability. Adapting and evolving is crucial to have a leadership position in the near future, sustained by the technological empowerment of new environmental-sound alternatives.

Now, thanks to new emerging technologies, the transitions to more efficient processes can be done faster and in a more-than-ever secure manner.

Blocksize Capital, micobo & Gevo Improving Supply-Chains

Through a DLT-based sustainability proof that tracks the bio-fuel complete value chain, we enhanced transparency and higher-quality transaction/production details. With this solution interested parties (regulators, producers, end-costumers, auditors, etc.) can sort out what is valuable in the end market, assigning the correct value to it, setting up market mechanisms to share value upstream according to sustainable attributes and Carbon Intensity (CI) Score.

Tracing the calculation of the CI Score through the DLT sustainably proof implies complete transparency and automation of the process, interconnecting all the participants in a faster manner and allowing the producers and costumers to have real and clear track of the products consumed. With this implementation, Gevo Inc. can leverage its production output, ensuring its clients a completely sustainable product that can be traced back to the first stage on the chain, being able to identify all the different inputs needed in every stage of the process.

This DLT-system collects the whole idea of the circular economy, starting from one of the most important and complex industries as agriculture is, attributing major values to the complete process, from field to gallon gas is unique in the industry. Additionally, it opens the door to the possibility of tokenizing (and selling) Carbon Credits.

“We are setting the highest standards for sustainability and beyond”

Together with strong partners, we are dedicated to preparing the ground for the next generation of assets and infrastructure by transitioning from MVPs to fully productional Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) systems. We are proud to announce that Blocksize Capital GmbH (in cooperation with micobo GmbH) and Gevo, Inc. (US3743963072) have entered a contract for the development of a DLT-based supply chain solution.

In the first step, this will allow Gevo, Inc. to track the entire value chain of their product enabling a „sustainability assurance“ and then in the second step will provide the fundament for tokenizing specific sustainability attributes such as sustainability reward points, carbon credits, etc.

“According to the Stanford Study ‘BLOCKCHAIN FOR SOCIAL IMPACT 2019’ Agriculture is one of the essential areas of impact with several use cases for DLT-based applications. This is because DLT offers plenty of opportunities to track sustainability attributes across the value chain in a more efficient manner since it has the potential to avoid any “playing of games” related to the key metrics. Making the first step towards building an ecosystem based on DLT for these business systems, opens the door to tokenize the attributes and make them accessible to a broader audience. Very low carbon or net zero-emission renewable fuels are a good place to start the development of these types of software and tools. There is a new financial market developing, and Blocksize Capital, in coordination with micobo as the services provider for the tokenization, is leading the industry in the construction of a liquid and transparent digital assets´ market with a broader investment base. Hence, the potential of the application beyond Gevo’s business system is enormous“ stated, Christoph Impekoven, Founder & Managing Director of Blocksize Capital GmbH and micobo GmbH.

“We are beyond excited to be the trusted partner to lead the path and open new opportunities for these businesses, along with such a forward-thinking organization as Gevo.”

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