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FAQs on Trading Solutions

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions relating to crypto asset trading, custody, and trade execution. Please reach out to us if you have unanswered questions.

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General: What is BLOCKSIZE about?

BLOCKSIZE is a technology service provider specializing in digital assets. Established in 2018, the company offers a high-end infrastructure to analyze, trade, and manage digitalassets. BLOCKSIZE institutional-grade trading solutions enable low latency access to multiple crypto exchanges, including professional trading features like smart order routing for best price execution and automated post-trade settlement.

Products: What are the trading solutions for institutional investors?

For our clients, we provide professional trading infrastructure as a “software as a service” solution since 2018. Our core products BLOCKSIZE CORE (back-end) and BLOCKSIZE MATRIX (front-end) enable access to multiple crypto exchanges as a one-stop-shop solution and allow professional features like smart order routing for best price execution. Our solution BLOCKSIZE QUANT SDK additionally allows to design and automatically execute trading strategies. Today, several institutional clients across the financial services industry are using our infrastructure.

Operation modes: How do I use the trading infrastructure?

Our clients can choose between two operation modes: (1) Our clients can either use the BLOCKSIZE trading technology as a SaaS platform and bring in their own exchange accounts. (2) Or our clients use our digital assets prime brokerage which we offer together with our fully German regulated banking partners.

Connection: How can I connect to the professional trading solutions?

In general, there are two ways connecting to our institutional-grade infrastructure: (1) BLOCKSIZE trading solutions can be fully integrated into the client’s existing infrastructure via unified API interfaces (REST/FIX). (2) Our front-end BLOCKSIZE MATRIX can be used as a crypto trading terminal.

Market access: How many and which crypto exchanges are available in the trading infrastructure?

Currently, BLOCKSIZE provides market data as fully transparent order books of 30+ crypto exchanges. Furthermore, our clients can easily connect their existing exchange accounts at 20+ of the most liquid exchanges making them available for full trading capabilities.

Trading pairs: Which cryptocurrencies are available via the trading solutions?

Currently, clients have access to 50+ of the most liquid cryptocurrencies and 500+ combinations of crypto and fiat pairs. Additional coins are available on short-term requests as long as they are listed on any connected exchange.

Smart Order Routing: Does the institutional-grade trading solution provide features like smart order routing?

Our smart order routing (SOR) algorithm allows for optimal order routing to different exchanges ensuring best order execution. Especially larger institutional order sizes can be executed with significantly reduced slippage.

Post-trade settlement: Does the trading solution support crypto settlement?

Clients can transfer crypto funds from the exchange accounts to their individual custody wallets using the integrated withdrawal feature. Settlement is supported manually or can even be automated via full API access.

Reporting: Is there a reporting feature available in the trading solutions?

Clients have access to institutional-grade reportings covering all requirements of institutional investors. Reports are available as raw data files or printable pdf-exports.

Additional details: How can I get more details about the trading solutions?

We are happy to provide more details on our website Please feel free to additionally request specific factsheets for all of our products.

Demo: Do you offer a live demo of your professional trading solutions?

BLOCKSIZE is happy to arrange an individual demo of our institutional-grade trading solutions. Please push the button “request a demo” to schedule an appointment at a time that suits you.