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Video Tutorials

The following video series will guide you through the functionalities of our trading infrastructure. 

Episode 1: Creating an Account in 3 Easy Steps

This video showcases how easy it is to get started on the Blocksize Infrastructure by registering your account in just 3 simple steps.

All that is necessary for you to do is visit the registration link that we send out to your email, copy and enter the license key provided in the same email, and fill out the registration details. The registration will be complete once you’ve validated your account by clicking on the link you will receive in your inbox after completing these steps.

Episode 2: New Account First Steps Walk-Through

Once you’ve opened your account on Blocksize MATRIX™, you can proceed with connecting your exchange accounts, creating sub-accounts in order to distinguish who each trade is executed by, or customizing your fee schedules.

Episode 3: The MATRIX™ Dashboard View

Live Market Data Chart from 30+ exchanges in sub-second resolution. Open-high-low-close chart displaying price movements over time. VWAP table providing traders information on the trend and value of an asset during the day. Currency heat map that visualizes the 12-hour change in currency price along with trading volumes represented by size. All of these detailed technical charts are integrated into the Dashboard View of Blocksize MATRIX™.

This way, you can enhance your trading and stay on top of market movements at any given time.

Episode 4: The MATRIX™ Portfolio View

As an institutional investor using Blocksize Capital’s infrastructure means you will always be able to access a holistic view of all your crypto assets combined.

Our Portfolio View feature is optimal for asset managers, as it displays an aggregate visual of all assets – including an overview of your fiat assets – no matter which of the registered wallets they belong to. What is more, you can easily add new wallets in one simple step, with their assets appending the Portfolio View right away for your convenience.

Episode 5: The MATRIX™ Market Depth Feature

Within our comprehensive trading terminal for trading and managing crypto-assets, you are able to access our Market Depth Feature.

With our Market Depth feature, you get an indication of the impact of large orders on the market. It includes a tabular representation of the order books, a comprehensive and interactive market depth chart with customization options, as well as a detailed spread calculation.

Episode 6: Order Entry and Execution

Blocksize MATRIX™ offers you two operating modes to choose from before executing an order: normal mode, and simulation mode. You can opt for the simulation mode if you wish to simulate a trade with unlimited funds on all exchanges, before executing any actual trade. 

To place your order, choose the base and quote currencies, and enter your desired order amount. Choose the exchanges you want to order from, or use Blocksize Capital’s built-in Smart Order Routing(SOR). Our Smart Order Router compares prices from your connected exchanges, and executes based on the best available options. Its algorithm allows for optimal order routing to different exchanges, ensuring best order execution. This way, larger institutional order sizes can be executed with significantly reduced slippage.

You can preview the order before executing it, and see the expected execution distribution, as well as the corresponding trade fees.

Episode 7: Order Entry and Execution (contd.)

Once you’ve filled out your order preferences, you can preview the expected execution distribution and corresponding trade fees. You can then proceed to execute the order from the pop-up screen. 

A detailed order execution screen will appear once you’ve placed the order. Here, a pie chart is included, that visualizes the distribution run by the Blocksize Smart Order Router. Adjacent to the pie chart is a detailed execution summary table and the ability to retrieve the order logs. In this table, you can find an order summary including all relevant details like order status, size, and type.

Additionally, our order execution screen provides a detailed tabular view of the savings you’ve made thanks to our Smart Order Routing algorithm. Last but not least, an overview of all individual orders executed by the Smart Order Router appears next to the savings table, which includes the status of each order. 

Episode 8: Execution Reporting Details

Under the “Reporting” tab you can see a list of all your past trades. By clicking on “Details”, you have the ability to retrieve the execution details of each individual trade carried out in the past. 

If you’d like to download your daily reports as a csv. file, simply navigate to “Intraday CSV Reports” and choose your desired reporting time span. Additionally, you also have the ability to download your monthly reports as a .pdf file, by clicking on “PDF Reports”.

Episode 9: Post Trade Settlement

Our platform makes it easy for you to make withdrawals from your exchanges to your wallet at any time. To set things up, whitelist your wallet address on the respective exchange, and retrieve the target identifier. Next, choose your currency from the drop-down menu, and insert the whitelisted destination address and target identifier you have retrieved from the external link. Then, choose a name for your destination address and proceed by clicking on “Add Address”.

Once you’ve added the custody wallet, you can easily withdraw your balance from the exchanges. To do this, navigate to “Cash Management” under the “Analytics” menu. Choose the exchange, and type in the desired amount you’d like to withdraw.

Episode 10: Settings and Support

Our platform makes it simple for you to easily access your most important settings in a single place. From here, you can easily manage your exchange settings, your API token settings, and your user account settings.

What is more, our API documentation is just a click away. If you are a CORE™ user and need a seamless integration into your banking legacy systems, simply navigate to “API Documentation” under the “Info” menu to access our API connections that can be integrated into your existing interface. 

Finally, in case you’re experiencing any technical issues, or you’d like to provide us with feedback, our professional service team is always ready to assist you. All you have to do is navigate to “Support”, where you’ll get the possibility to contact us via email or phone. Additionally, you can directly communicate with our Jira support desk by clicking on “Report an issue”.

Episode 11: Installing the QUANT SDK

In this video, we are demonstrating the installation process of QUANT SDK™. The QUANT SDK™ is a Python wrapper for the cryptocurrency trading API of Blocksize Capital.

It allows users to access order book data on all of our connected exchanges, and it enables the possibility of automated trading strategies, where you can place market orders, limit orders, as well as access historic market data. This includes open-high-low-close prices, as well as the volume-weighted average price of various pairs.

Episode 12: Creating an API Token for the QUANT SDK

This video shows you how to create an API token in order to set up QUANT SDK™ and link it to Blocksize MATRIX™ in order to prepare the QUANT SDK™ to get market data and place orders on all of your different connected exchanges.